Medics from five sports have met to work out a unified approach to tackling concussion and head injuries – with rugby union chiefs stating it is a “top priority”.

Representatives from rugby union, rugby league, American football, ice hockey, and Australian rules football met in Dublin on Thursday.

The meeting was aimed at looking into how best to put those recommendations in place.

“Concussion is a top priority for all sports, and rugby continues to collaborate with other sports and leading medical and scientific experts to ensure the very best programmes are implemented to protect participants at all levels,” said World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont.

Several recommendations were put forward in April by the Concussion in Sports Group (CISG), a panel of experts which draws on data and research to come up with suggested ways forward.

“While providing consensus guidance of what sports should do, it does not offer guidance on how to implement its recommendations, which is why sports are keen to collaborate,” a World Rugby spokesperson said.

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