This Wednesday, May 3, sees the first event in a series held by SCRUM Columnist Bruce Aitchison.

This week’s event is an evening with Glasgow Warriors players Adam Ashe and Grayson Hart to discuss the mental impact of life and performance.

The event with Adam and Grayson would be ideal for any players or coaches from any sport (it’s not rugby specific) who are interested in performing to a higher level by improving their knowledge and understanding of the mental and emotional aspects of preparation and performance.

It would also be ideal for students and parents with exams coming up, especially Higher and National PE students.

Bruce, the Murrayfield Wanderers Head Coach, said: “I will introduce Adam and Grayson and give a little bit of background on why the event has been organised and how it fits with CAHONAS and my little mission to raise awareness and funds for an educational resource to be sent to youth clubs and school.

“They will give their presentation and open up for discussion and questions. Each attendee will be asked for a donation and then entered into a raffle.

“Everyone is welcome! The night will begin at 7pm at Tynecastle High School and finish at 9pm.”

Grayson Hart is pictured playing this season

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