Building work resumes on new Edinburgh stadium

Building work at ‘Mini Murrayfield’ – the new home ground for Edinburgh Rugby on the back pitches at the home of Scottish Rugby – has resumed today (Monday), the club announced.

Work to complete the 7,800 seater stadium – which was around 12 weeks away from completion before the Coronavirus lockdown came into place, restarted following an announcement from the Scottish Government that the construction industry can resume.

An announcement this week from PRO14 Rugby is expected to shed more light on how the current season will be concluded, and when next season will begin.

Last week, Scottish Rugby Chief Executive Mark Dodson said he was hopeful of finishing the project to finally give Edinburgh fans the home they’ve longed for. 

“We think it’s a revenue-earner for Edinburgh, and thirdly the supporters of Edinburgh have waited long enough for a new stadium,” he said. 

Image caption: An artists impression of how Edinburgh’s new stadium is likely to look. Image courtesy Scottish Rugby

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