Burgh Watch gives his take on PRO14 resumption and CVC deal

fans of Edinburgh Rugby team celebrate at Murrayfield

SCRUM’s Edinburgh Rugby columnist, Burgh Watch, is back and gives his take on the resumption of the Guinness PRO14 and the league’s recently-announced deal with CVC. 

I have just finished the novel 11.22.63 by Stephen King and ignoring the nonsensical date format this is a book about a man who travels back in time to try and prevent the assassination of JFK. 

I won’t spoil it for you. As an Edinburgh fan though I’d like to travel back to the 17 May 2018 and try and somehow convince John Barclay to throw a sickie and not take the field against Glasgow for Scarlets the next day in the PRO14 semi-final.

What might have been if not for that fateful day? I know JB is yet to officially announce his next move but his brief stint at Edinburgh was not what it should have been through no fault of his.

Without that injury I think he may have been Edinburgh’s captain in his debut year and he would have led us on the field as opposed to talking about us in the commentary box.

Former Scotland captain John Barclay was never able to discover his best form for Edinburgh Image credit: Fotosport/David Gibson

There were glimpses of what might have been. He was the only player who turned up for the last 1872 Cup match of the following year at Scotstoun and I remember him having a great game against Leinster at BT Murrayfield the season after but these were merely shadows. 

Aftershocks, when we had hoped for an earthquake.

In any case, I’m sure all Edinburgh fans will wish him well for whatever comes next.

He wasn’t the only Edinburgh player announced recently as leaving and all of those who are have done their bit and equally they go with our best wishes.

Dougie Fife will linger long in my memory chiefly because he provided one of the most comic moments at BT Murrayfield when an announcer, surely a last-minute stand in, announced him with great fanfare as Fife Dougie. It will be how I always think of him. Sorry Dougie. You did score some cracking tries too.

Dougie Fife left Edinburgh at the end of the season after his second spell with the club. 
Image credit: Fotosport/David Gibson

Matt Scott’s departure probably came as a shock to all observers. He was arguably our best player in this aborted season and albeit I understand the reasons behind his move to Leicester it’s still a blow. 

We do have an able deputy in George Taylor however and it’s possible he may go on to outshine his more illustrious former team-mate.

Private Equity company CVC have taken a 24% stake in
the league.

I have serious worries about CVC. Martin Anayi when announcing the deal that, CVC have a “proven track record of success when it comes to sports
investment, including Formula 1” yet the boss of F1 team Force India Bob Fernley said of CVC after they had cashed in their F1 chips that “all their actions have been taken to extract as much money from the sport as possible and put as little in as possible.” 

From our armchairs and maybe socially distanced seats in the stands, I guess us mere mortals will just have to wait and see what is left after the CVC dust cloud clears. 

Image caption: Edinburgh fans watch on at BT Murrayfield. Image credit: Fotosport/David Gibson

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