Hearts & Balls

Hearts Balls rugby charityRugby brings immense pleasure and a sense of community to millions of people. But occasionally, like in many other sports, tragedy can strike . Though it happens very rarely, injuries can be serious and life-changing. Hearts and Balls aims to ensure that, in times of need, those connected with the game are supported by the wider rugby community. Since 1999 they have supported over 30 players and their families.

This support has taken many forms; financial and non-financial, short-term and long-term. If you have sustained a serious injury on the rugby field, or are suffering as a result of an injury to a loved one, Hearts & Balls may be able to support you too.

Alternatively, you may be able to assist them. If you’d like to donate money, or join a fundraising event, then get in touch.

For more information: www.heartsandballs.org.uk


Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon rugby charityWooden Spoon exists to improve the quality and prospect of life for children and young people who are disadvantaged physically, mentally or socially. It is rugby’s charity, with more than 10,000 members, set up within the spirit and values of the game to give young people in need a chance to achieve their full potential in life.

The Scottish committee of Wooden Spoon undertakes numerous high profile social and sporting fundraising activities and ensures that the money is spent on projects across Scotland. The benefit of their work is always immediate, visible and lasting.

For more information: www.woodenspoon.com


The Bill McLaren Foundation

Bill McLaren rugby charityBill McLaren was a man who represented all that is best about rugby union. He was known as “The Voice of Rugby” not just because of the beauty of his tone and the delight of his imaginative phrasing, but because he portrayed our game as we would always wish it to be.

The Charitable Foundation has been set up to raise funds to support the development of rugby and its values and also to recognise the contribution Bill McLaren made to rugby through education and the development of an interpretative centre including Bills extensive archive including his big sheets.

The foundation has been set up in Bill’s name, and with the support of his family, which we invite you to help establish. Your support will serve three purposes :

  • To develop and promote the sport of rugby union and its values
  • To encourage and provide sporting opportunities for young people
  • To create an educative centre which will include the Bill McLaren Archive

For more information: www.billmclarenfoundation.co.uk