The BT Finals Day returns to BT Murrayfield on Saturday as Scotland’s clubs take centre stage at the home of Scottish Rugby.

This exciting day out provides fun for all and showcases Scotland’s best talent in the men’s and women’s game.

Here is all the team news:

BT Women’s Bowl (11am, back pitches)

Kirkcaldy: F Milne; C Downs, N Redpath, H Samuel, K Lang; B Brogan, L Morrison; K Small, D Stephenson, R McNeil, L Heggie, A Massie (C), C McMahon, E Dyce, E Buckley. Subs: J Cooper, T McFarlane, K Gavan, E Myles, A McCall, S Lowe, S Laird.

Garioch: R Laurenson; L Shand, R Bestwick, S Anderson, L Baroch; A Davidson (C), J Miles; E Murphy, S Campbell, M Kerr, Alisha Ross, Anna Ross, T McIntosh, J Silcocks, L McDiarmid. Subs: J Shaw, K Eades, K Renicks, K Jamieson, M Ingram, F McAllan, C Busson.

BT Women’s Plate (11am, back pitches)

 Stirling County: J McGurk; L Hannah, R Shankland (C), S Cattigan, L Flint; L Mcnaughton, J Hutton; G Henderson, T Scott, E McNab, K Johnson, D Christie, N Mcleod, H Davis, G Brown. Subs: D Park, T Grobler, J Menday, A Bax, B Afford, K McIlwraith, V Gray.

Stewartry: J Yates; B Cameron, C Johnstone (C), I St Joseph, D Burnett; L Ritchie, C Manson; S Nicholson, A McWilliam, D Currie, T Tyeson, C Dooley, R Bragg, S Durnan, A Henderson. Subs: L Tracey, J White, H Sloan H Sherlock.

BT Men’s Bowl (11am, main pitch)

Blairgowrie: S Souter; R Grant, F Maxwell, F Bissett, J McLaren; M Davidson, R Edwards; P Duncan, D Malloch, E Constable, M Reddin, N MacRae, A McOuat (C), F Ormiston, F Black. Subs: P Douglas, C Thoms, D Grieve, M Michie, R Gordon, A Walsh, M Grant.

Portobello: L Chan; C Johnston, M Walker, H Munro, A Bain; C Britee-Steer (C), F Mackay; E Gibson, D Sanchez, D Burn, D Roe, C Walker, M Boyter, G Harvey, G Culbertson. Subs:  M Moran, M Ridd, S Kneeshaw, W Murray, E Robb, R Stewart, K Jeffrey.

Sarah Beaney Cup (1.15pm, main pitch)

Murrayfield Wanderers: C Rollie; E Bonet, S Callender, H Nelson, E Sinclair; L Martin, J Taylor; B Dicken, S Quick (C), L Robertson, S McCormack, E Wassell, J Cram, L Park, R Cook. Subs: A Wilson, K Fisher, C O’Driscoll, J Alford, K Auckland, E Wilson, C Newton.

Hillhead/Jordanhill: A Watson; S Smith, A Evans, H Smith, L Willis; A Cook, M McDonald; H Lockhart, S Kyalikunda, L Smith, K McConnell, K Reid, H Telling, L McMillan (C), J Konkel. Subs: F Dorman, D Falconer, J Johnston, M van Wyngaarden, K Openshaw, A Gaffney, K Daly.

BT Cup (3.30pm, main pitch)

Ayr: G Anderson; D McCluskey,, R Curle, S McDowall, C Gossman; F Climo, D Armstrong; G Hunter, L Anderson, S Longwell, C Stevenson, S Sutherland, B Macpherson, W Bordill, P McCallum (C). Subs: D Young D Sears-Duru, A Prentice, G Henry, H Warr, A Russell, R Dalgleish.

Melrose: F Thomson; G Taylor, N Godsmark, C Jackson, S Pecqueur; J Baggott, B Colvine (C); J Bhatti, R Anderson, N Beavon, J Head, R Knott, N Irvine-Hess, G Runciman, I Moody. Subs: C McKay, D Elkington, R McLeod, A Grieve, P Eccles, M McAndrew, P Anderson.

BT Men’s Shield (5.45pm, main pitch)

Murrayfield Wanderers: C Beattie; A Godsmark, L Hanlin, L Thomas, P Cooney; M Hastie (C), F Strachan; T Lawman, I Webb, S Navu, J Lee, A McFarlane, S Crawford, C Johnston, L Thom. Subs: S Lynes, B Reid, M Stevens, C Guerin, P Walker, L Lee, E Eley.

Carrick: L Montgomery; B Brown, J Fulton, A Speirs, R McCulloch; K Johnson, G Ward; G Dick, J Connon, S Raby, I Speirs, M Kirk (C), G Gregor, B Jardine. Subs: J Webster, D Andrew, A McColm, S Bryden, S Young, L Clark, C Wyllie.

Thanks to Scottish Rugby/SNS for the photo

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