Greig Tonks has hailed Saturday’s win over Australia as the highlight of his career.

The 28-year-old was a surprise starter in the number 15 jersey in Sydney, but he kicked a long range penalty and was solid whilst winning his seventh cap – his first for two years.

The London Irish man said: “It was incredible. As career highlights go, it will definitely be up there. I would say it’s the highlight.

“The whole week was incredible. I was not originally going to be on the tour and was then selected quite late.

“To be picked, then to be starting, then to kick some points and go on to win the game against Australia was something pretty special.

“I would not say I was worried [about not playing for Scotland again], but with London Irish being relegated [after 2015/16] I knew it would be difficult, really hard, for them to pick somebody who is playing Championship rugby.

“We have been training like a Premiership team, though, and now we are a Championship-winning team that is back in the Premiership, that was always the aim.

“I always had Scotland in the back of my mind, but my aim was to play my best rugby and then whatever happened happened off the back of it.”

Greig Tonks is pictured in the Australia match by David Gibson/FOTOSPORT

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