Tommy Seymour has his “Lions head” on and is not thinking about the lack of Scots in the squad as he prepares for the British & Irish Lions tour to New Zealand.

Glasgow Warriors’ winger Seymour, 28, has been one of 14 of the 41 strong squad training this week in Wales ahead of the big summer test.

Stuart Hogg and Greig Laidlaw are currently the only other Scots travelling on the trip, but Seymour is not concerned.

“That question [about the lack of Scots] has been asked a lot, but I’m in my Lions head now,” Seymour said.

“I need to get familiar and bed into relationships with guys here. That’s my focus right now, it’s not about what’s not here.

 “I feel like you guys [in the media] want me to have an answer to the Scottish thing. You don’t enter the meeting room or the team room and think, there’s a Scotsman, there’s an Englishman, there’s an Irishman, there’s a Welshman.

“It can’t work like that. If you go in with that mind-set, then you’re already on the back foot, you’re already creating lines where there doesn’t need to be any. We go into the meeting room and we think, ‘there’s another squad member, another part of this playing group’.”

Seymour knows to win in New Zealand will be one of the biggest challenges in his rugby career.

He explained: “We’ve got to be willing to go through a lot of pain to beat this All Blacks side.

“We’ve just got to be at our utmost. We’ve got to make sure we know everything we’re trying to do on the field inside and out. Everything’s got to be second nature.

“We’ve got to be willing to be physical with them; we’ve got to be willing to play as well. We’ve got to go out there with ambition – there’s no point in sitting on our heels and hoping you’re going to have a physical confrontation with them.

“You’ve got to be willing to play and expand and really take the game to them as well. So I think for us it’s just about getting as much detail as possible on the field, and once we’ve got that detail making sure it’s second nature.”

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