Wright targeting return to New Zealand for World Cup

Molly wright in action for watsonians rugby club

Molly Wright wants to be part of a Scotland Women squad that competes at the Rugby World Cup in her native New Zealand, no matter when the tournament takes place. 

It was due to be held later this year, but with qualifying matches set for September now in threat due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the tournament may be pushed back. 

Whenever it does take place, Watsonians hooker Wright wants to be part of it. 

“For me personally that is probably the only opportunity my folks would have to see me playing at the top level live,” she said last week. 

“My mum has never particularly been a big fan of rugby, but she is now Scotland’s biggest fan and my dad was very emotional when I got my first cap,” Wright continued, while adding that her parents “probably have blue hearts now. 

“They both got up in the middle of the night to watch it on the internet.”

Despite having their Six Nations disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Wright insisted Scotland will do all they can to make it to the tournament. 

“The World Cup is where our team would like to be and it is what we were pushing for in terms of our overall performance,” she said. 

“We will wait and see what we can do to get ourselves there.”

For the hooker, making her international bow against Spain earlier this year came at the end of a three-year spell in the UK, meaning she qualified on residency. 

“When I got to Dumfries in 2017, I wasn’t even playing rugby at the time and I thought I’d hung up my boots.

“Then I moved to Edinburgh and after a few weeks, my flatmate was sick of seeing my face around the place and nudged me out the door in the direction of training at Watsonians – it was the best thing they could have done!

“If you had asked me three or four years ago would I have seen myself in the position I am in now as an international player I’d probably have said ‘no’, but it has been an opportunity that I have been very lucky to have and I have to keep putting in the hard work.”

Image caption: Scotland Women hooker Molly Wright in action for Watsonians. Image credit: Graham Gaw/Watsonians

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