Scotland cap Molly Wright insists no need to rush rugby return

Molly wright takes part in a training line out

Scotland Women internationalist Molly Wright, who has been on the front line working for the NHS during the Coronavirus pandemic, believes there is no need to rush a return to rugby. 

Watsonians hooker Wright, who made her debut in the win over Spain earlier this season, has been working a physiotherapist in a rehabilitation hospital in Edinburgh during the pandemic.

And this afternoon (Thursday), the New Zealand-born forward said she’s been focusing on her day job, with a return to playing at the back of her mind. 

She was also keen to stress that any return should happen only when it’s safe to do so, per Government guidelines. 

“I don’t think this virus is going anywhere quickly and I wouldn’t want to rush back to rugby just for my own enjoyment of the game.

“This disease has taken so many lives already and I wouldn’t like to be a part of spreading it.

“So, in terms of would I like rugby to come back ‘yes’, but only when it is safe to do so and at that point I am assuming we will get the message to go and train together.”

Wright also explained more about her day job. 

“I work in a rehab hospital – a step-down hospital. So people go into an acute hospital initially and if they can’t go home from there, they go into a rehab unit. 

“My role in there is to get people stronger and fitter, if they need to learn to walk, we help facilitate that.”

‘Scotland is home now’

While Wright grew up on the other side of the world, she insisted that now it is Scotland she calls home. 

“I’ve set up my life here, my career is here, rugby or not,” she said via a Zoom call. 

As a relative newcomer to the international fold, Wright has been made to feel instantly welcome by the squad, who have been keeping in touch throughout the lockdown and since the end of their Women’s Six Nations campaign. 

Scotland’s championship was halted when their match against Italy was postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak there, and matches against France and Wales were postponed after one of Wright’s team-mates contracted COVID-19. 

And Wright reflected on the tight-knit nature of the Scotland squad. 

“They have just absorbed me into this family of a group and it still feels the same now, everyone is there for one another.

“I swear there is a training session with Jade Konkel every day if we want it!

“It is still a wonderful group to be a part of even though we are apart and not seeing each other as much as possible, but such are the times.”

‘Someone is always there for you’

And Wright believes that support, from players and management alike, has helped everyone get through unprecedented times. 

“t is not even just the players we are getting support from the wider management team and someone is always there for you.

“Everyone needs different levels of support, but I have felt supported.

“We get a weekly phone call from the management in terms of from a health and wellbeing perspective.

“I am lucky that I am still at work and not worrying about something like that.”

While Wright has been focusing on her day job, she’s aiming to use the current down-time to get fitter and stronger so that when rugby returns, she can continue to stake a claim for her adopted homeland. 

For now, though, she’s happy to be able to play her part in the ongoing battle against Coronavirus. 

“It is nice to be able to chip in and help at this time.”

Image caption: Molly Wright in action for Scotland Women. Image courtesy Scottish Rugby/

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