Strathclyde Women delighted with fundraising efforts

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The women’s rugby team at Strathclyde University have taken part in a unique challenge to raise money for charity. 

Despite disruption to Scotland’s Women’s Six Nations – caused first by Storm Ciara and then the Coronavirus outbreak – the team at Strathclyde University have battled on with their challenge. 

At the start of the championship, they set themselves the goal of cycling the distance between Scotstoun, home of Scotland Women, and their opponents’ grounds. 

Alice Masson, from the club, explained more: “The team were keen to do a team type fitness challenge. 

“We especially wanted this to be related to women’s rugby and help to promote not only women’s rugby at Strathclyde but also in general.

“Fortunately, when we were planning and brainstorming ideas on how to do this the Women’s Six Nations was approaching, hence tying in our efforts with one of the biggest events on the rugby calendar made sense. 

“This meant we were able to raise awareness of our club and the Scottish women’s rugby team.”

And she detailed how the players went about completing the challenge. 

“The girls had to complete the distance between the Stadiums the women’s team would be playing in. 

“Obviously there were some adverse effects on the Six Nations this year especially for the women, but we saw it best to keep pushing with each leg. 

“In order to complete the distance of each leg the girls were encouraged to get into the gym and rack up the distance and where possible we made the effort to complete these distances as a group. 

“As an added incentive weekly updates on our progress detailed the girl with the highest kilometre count.”

And Alice believes the fundraising efforts have brought the team closer together in aid of “such an inspiring charity”, while she also explained that a “strong relationship” with Cancer Research UK meant they were the obvious choice for a beneficiary. 

She continued: “We have frequently volunteered at events – for example the race for life, Christmas carol service and a talk by explorer Mollie Hughes.

“Having developed this relationship and enjoying the volunteering we have done for them we felt that we wanted to support through our own, first ever charity fundraiser event. 

“The Beatson Institute, which is one of their largest research establishments, is based in Glasgow and so whilst this charity does incredible work all over the country it felt like a local cause and one that affects everyone personally either directly or indirectly at some point in their lives.”

To donate to their efforts, click here

Image caption: The Strathclyde University women’s rugby team have taken on an impressive challenge for charity. 

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